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For more information, please email us at hello@wegloveyou.com

Do you sell your gloves anywhere else? other stores, etc
As of now, we don’t have any other branch. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website or have specific gloves in mind, You're welcome to drop by our location at 265 W 37th St #11E, New York, NY 10018. Feel free to give us a call at +1 212 268 6528 or reach out via email at hello@wegloveyou.com.
Do you still have a shop in Grand Central?
No, we no longer have a shop in Grand Central. However, you are welcome to visit us at our current location, 265 W 37th St #11E, New York, NY 10018.
Do you still carry Lacrasia Gloves? Old Stock?
Certainly, we do. Please feel free to explore our Lacrasia Collection.
If I'm interested in custom gloves (individual or production), what's the process?
We encourage you to visit our store if you're interested in custom gloves, whether for individual use or production. Share your story and provide details about the type of glove you envision. During your visit, we'll discuss various options to bring your design to life, considering elements such as materials, textures, colors, shapes, and sizes. We look forward to collaborating with you on creating the perfect custom gloves.
Pricing & turnaround time for custom gloves, whether for individuals or a production?
The pricing and turnaround time for custom gloves, whether for individuals or production, depend on various factors, such as the complexity of the design, the materials chosen, and the quantity ordered. Please visit our store or contact us directly for specific details tailored to your requirements. We'll be happy to discuss your customization needs and provide accurate pricing and turnaround time estimates based on the particulars of your order.
What are the fees associated with renting? Listing this might be helpful
The fees associated with renting gloves depend on the nature of your rental, whether it's for editorial or general purposes. For more information, please contact us, or scroll down further to read FAQs that relate to rentals.
Do you have a lookbook?
Yes, we do have a lookbook featuring our rental gloves. Explore the various styles and options available for rental. If you have any questions or want more information, please get in touch with us at hello@wegloveyou.com. We appreciate your interest in our glove collection!
My client, XYZ, with 1 million followers on social media, is going on a month-long tour. We'd love to include you. Can you send us gloves? 
Thank you for considering Wing+Weft Gloves for your client's social media presence! We appreciate the interest in including our gloves in their month-long tour. While we currently do not offer glove loans for social media exposure, we provide a rental service for various purposes, including social media projects. You can visit our website or contact us at hello@wegloveyou.com to discuss specific details, availability, and rental arrangements. We're excited about the opportunity to collaborate and help enhance your client's social media content.
Can you make gloves for people with special needs/ disabilities?
Yes, Wing+Weft Gloves is committed to inclusivity and can create custom gloves to meet the specific needs of individuals with disabilities. We understand that everyone has unique requirements, and our team is dedicated to crafting gloves that provide both functionality and style.
How do I find my glove size?
Finding the right glove size is crucial for comfort and proper fit. To determine your glove size, we recommend referring to our size charts for various types of gloves, including wrist and elbow length. Here's how you can find your glove size: Access Size Charts: Look for the size charts on the product page. These charts typically include measurements for different parts of your hand, such as palm width and finger length. Measure Your Hand: Use a measuring tape to measure your hand according to the guidelines provided in the size chart. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully for accurate measurements. Choose Your Size: Once you have your measurements, compare them to the size chart to determine the corresponding glove size. Choose the size that aligns with your measurements for the best fit.
Why are your gloves so expensive? Are they made from special material?
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If I don't want my gloves (rental or purchase), can I return or exchange them?
Our return and exchange policy may vary depending on whether you rent or purchase gloves. Here are the general guidelines: For Purchased Gloves: - If unsatisfied with your purchased gloves, you may be eligible for a return or exchange within a specified period (commonly 30 days). - Please review our detailed return policy on our website for specific conditions and instructions on initiating a return or exchange. - Return the gloves in their original condition with all tags and packaging. For Rental Gloves: - Rental gloves typically have specific terms outlined in the rental agreement. - If you wish to return rental gloves before the agreed-upon due date, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss the situation. - Late fees may apply for overdue returns. Terms for cancellations or changes are noted in our rental terms and conditions. In either case, we recommend contacting our customer support team at hello@wegloveyou.com to discuss your situation and receive personalized assistance. Providing your order details and reason for return or exchange will help expedite the process

We work with Stylists all over the country.
Our robust selection of gloves have been featured in magazines and on red carpets worldwide!

Here’s a comprehensive rundown of questions we get about our rental program.

How Do I Rent Gloves?
1. The first step would be to book an appointment with us thru this link: www.bookeo.com/wegloveyou We hold our rental appointments remotely via email, where we send photos of glove options based on your glove needs. Our In-House Stylist will send you photos of your glove options during your scheduled appointment. Please make sure to include as many details as possible about the gloves you’re looking for to assist in your pull. 2. We do not currently offer rental services for our gloves.
But I Really Want To Come In And Select The Gloves Myself!
1. We get it! Our showroom is super cool, and we understand that you’d like to come and be inspired. Please select “In Person” at the time of your booking. Our In-House Stylist will still provide you with the same service as a remote rental, but you’ll be able to be in our showroom at that time. 2. Yes, we welcome customers to visit our showroom located in New York City to try on gloves and place orders.
What’s The Difference Between Editorial And Regular Rental?
An Editorial pull requires confirmed print credit and is exclusively for editorial magazine shoots only. A Regular rental is all other rentals - (ex:red carpet, performance, and advertising magazine shoots). Yes, our rental process has changed. Since the pandemic we've begun holding our rental appointments remotely via email, where we send photos of glove options based on your glove needs. You'll choose one of 2 rental options based on your project. At booking you'll be charged a non refundable $1 fee to secure your appointment. Your final rental fee is charged after we have completed the pull and you’ve made your selections. Please be prepared to receive photos of your glove options during your appointment. Your appointment will schedule a time for our staff to pull and send you photos of your glove options based on your request. As we’ll be communicating via email, there’s no need for you to come in.
Do You Loan Glove Samples For Credit On Social Media, Online, Etc. ?
We’re unable to loan out gloves in exchange for credit, but you can rent them for your projects.
How Long Are Your Rentals?
Our rentals are 1 week from the date of purchase. Please factor in your event dates and shipping times when arranging your rental.
Can I Pick Up/Drop Off My Rental In Person?
Sure, you can pick up or drop off your rental in person between 10am- 5pm.
Can My Rental Be Shipped?
Yes, as shipping costs aren’t included in the price, we can either add this to your total or you can send us a label.
If I Make An Appointment, Can I Pick Up My Rental The Same Day?
Sure, just be sure to send your selections to us by 4pm. Once confirmed we’ll be able to give you a pick up time for your rental.
Are You Open On The Weekends?
We are open Monday-Friday and rental appointments are between 10am-4pm.
I Would Like To Purchase Your Gloves. Where Can I Buy Them?
You can visit our website wingweftgloves.com. We're also on Etsy!
I Would Love A Custom Pair Of Gloves. Can You Make Them?
Absolutely! We’d love to glove you! Please reach out to us at Team@wingweftgloves.com. If you have any questions regarding our services please feel free to reach out to us at Team@wingweftgloves.com. We Glove You! The Wing Team
How do I schedule a consultation with your Master Glove Maker?
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The timeline for a custom glove varies depending on the design and materials used. Our Master Glove Maker will provide an estimated timeline during the consultation process.
Yes, we offer a variety of colors and materials to choose from for custom gloves.
We recommend storing gloves in a cool, dry place and spot cleaning with a damp cloth as needed. More specific care instructions will be included with your gloves.
Yes, we offer repair services for Wing & Weft Gloves. Please contact our showroom for more information.
Yes, we offer gift certificates that can be redeemed for gloves or other products available on our website.
Please see Return Policy for complete information.

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